Removing the instrument-cluster


Remove the two screws on the bottom of the pods on the left and right side.


Remove the front part of the pods



Remove the hazard-switch (which is held by the screws in the red circles)


Remove the connectors on the back of the pods and remove all other screws 
(the ones in the yellow circles don't have to be removed necessarily)
You'll then be able to remove the rest of the pods.



Remove the plastic cover around the steering wheel.



Remove the top cover of the instrument cluster by removing the 2 screws (yellow circles)



Remove the 2 bolts on top of the gauge-cluster and remove the bottom cover by pulling it 
(it's attached with a small plastic hooks)



and the last screws that have to be removed (yellow circles)




Replacing (broken) light-bulbs in the instrument cluster

There are 5 main bulbs in the instrument-cluster (red circles)
and 7 warning lights.




Additional info: Removing the speed warning chime (Japanese Z32's only)

Put a rubber washer under the screw in the blue circle If this doesn't work cut the wire in the red circle

NOTE: this only works on Z32's from '90-'92

this write-up was taken and translated from the Japanese Falcon Z-website