BLITZ DSBC installation

The installation is pretty much the same as any other boost-controller,
but I just felt like doing a tech-article  ;-)

As usual, also this boostcontroller comes with hoses and pieces for a car with a single turbo...
so before you start off, go buy at least 2 T-pieces, 1.5m/5ft rubber-hose and a few clamps
(hose needs to be the similar to the 2 hoses that come with the Blitz) 

Assuming you have the extra parts, remove the thick rubber intercooler-hoses
so you can access the wastegate-hoses.
Below you see the right wastegate-hose detached.
(yellow arrow points to where it used to be connected)

Now connect one of the hoses that came with the Blitz to the connection
where the right wastegate-hose used to be connected (top yellow arrow)
Use one of  the connection-pieces that came with the Blitz to connect the new
hose to the end of the right wastegate-hose and use clamps to tighten it.


Below you see the *enlarged* wastegate-hose (yellow) and
the hose that runs from the right intercooler-intake pipe (red)
(I ran the wastegate-hose through a hole near the headlight)


(again, but now seen from the front)
bottom arrows : enlarged wastegate-hose, top arrows : hose that runs from right intercooler-pipe


Left side is basically the same, but you need smaller hoses.
(I just cutted the second hose that came with Blitz in smaller pieces)

Below you see the hose that comes from the right intercooler-pipe connected
to the (small) hose that comes from the left intercooler-pipe with a T-piece.
The outlet of the T will run to the *IN* of the Blitz-solenoid

And the right wastegate-hose connected to the left wastegate-hose.
The outlet of the T-piece will run to the *OUT* of the solenoid.
You can use clamps/tie-wraps to tighten everything.

Here you see both hoses connected to the Blitz-solenoid.
yellow (wastegate-hoses): OUT ,  Red (intercooler intake) : IN
I firmly tie-wrapped the solenoid to the HICAS-pump.

This is how I connected the small Blitz boost-sensor hose..
I cutted the small vacuum-hose running from the balance-tube to the AIV-solenoid 
and placed the small metal T-piece in there...

You can run both the small plastic boost-sensor hose and the wire from the actuator
through the usual place in the firewall.(in the passenger fender-well)
 I used a hole in the firewall that was made there for my aftermarket alarm.

Last but not least....don't forget to disconnect the stock boost-solenoids !
They are near the PCV-valves...look for  the the black + brown(ish) ones.
be careful not to disconnect the wrong connectors, since the O2-connectors are in that area also
This is a picture of the connector of the right-solenoid disconnected:

And the final result.....this is where/how I mounted my Blitz-unit,
As you can see I have the indiglo-DSBC (looks very cool next to my indiglo Sony-deck)


some example settings to start with (can differ per car ! ):

stock injectors, turbo's and ECU 
Ratio: 0 > safety boost (~0.49kg/cm, 7 psi)
Ratio: 35  > stock boost (~0.65kg/cm, 9.5 psi)

(Listen for detonation !!)
Ratio: 44 > ~0.77kg/cm, 11 psi

stock injectors, turbo's and JWT-ECU
Ratio: 0 > safety boost (~0.49kg/cm, 7 psi)
Ratio: 35  > stock boost (~0.65kg/cm, 9 psi)

(Listen for detonation !!)
Ratio: 47 > ~0.85kg/cm, 12 psi
Ratio: 58 > ~1.05kg/cm, 15 psi

More info:

The user-manual from a user (link)

Conversion table: 

PSI Kg/cm Bar
5 0.35 0.34
6 0.42 0.41
7 0.49 0.48
8 0.56 0.55
9 0.63 0.62
10 0.70 0.69
11 0.77 0.76
12 0.84 0.83
13 0.91 0.90
14 0.98 0.97
15 1.05 1.03
16 1.13 1.10
17 1.20 1.17
18 1.27 1.24
19 1.34 1.31
20 1.41 1.38